Products & Services
Hakka Noodles
American Chopsuey
Longlife Flat Noodles
Burnt Garlic Noodles
Fried Rice/Ginger Fried Rice
Szechwan Fried Rice
Chilli Paneer
Paneer Baby Corn
With Spinach Almonds
Paneer Szechwan
Honeyed Szechwan Paneer 
With Sesame
Crispy Baby Corn & Paneer
In Hot Sauce
Vegetable Manchurian
Chilli Baby Corn
Mandarian Ginger Paneer
Vegetable In Hunan Sauce
Sweet & Sour Crisp Vegetable
Fried Brinjal In Hot Garlic Sauce
Stir Fried Mushrooms
Stir-Fired Baby Corn
Chilli Potato Dry
Broccoli & Bamboo Shoots
In Light Soy & Honey
Veg. Spring Roll
Chinese Cigar
Chow. Chow Stir Vegetable
Honey Lotus Steam
Honey Fried Cauliflowers